Continuing Education

Newcomb Central School District (NCSD) recognizes the need for community outreach. Our Community Education Program is one way our District strives to serve the needs of the community. According to the District's Policy number 4340, the mission of the Community Education Program shall be to:

1. promote life-long learning as a component of an individual's growth;
2. provide activities which enable people to develop their full health and educational potential; 
3. provide a learning environment that encourages personal growth, autonomy and self-confidence.


NCSD's goal is to provide a balance of activities for all ages focusing on academics, athletics, and crafts. It is not possible to have all activities at one time and the Superintendent will at all times try to have a balance of programs.

Conduct Expectations

NCSD has adopted a Code of Conduct with stated responsibilities for students, parents, and staff. It is expected that everyone who wishes to become involved with NCSD's Community Education Program will follow the District's Code of Conduct. A copy of the code can be found in the office or at the School District website . Because all participants are guests of NCSD, there will be strict adherence to the policy. Any violation of the Code of Conduct will minimally result in a verbal warning, but can result in the expulsion from all Community Education programs. If a participant believes the suspension or expulsion from the program is too severe, the participant can ask for a formal review and the District's Superintendent or a representative will do so within 72 hours of the request.

NCSD Community Education is for the residents of Newcomb. There will be opportunities for surrounding communities to join in, but guests can be asked to immediately leave and not return if there are any concerns or behavior issues brought to the attention of the activity supervisor.

Physical Expectations

NCSD assumes any person who voluntarily becomes involved in a community program that requires physical exertion does so:
  • believing that there is nothing in their present health to hinder physical activity
  • understanding that they assume any and all risk as to the access and use of all facilities
  • releasing the Newcomb Central School District, its representatives, agents, servants, and employees from any and all liability resulting from any and all injuries and damages.
  • Fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and Fitness Release Form.